If miguel o'hara isn't oiled up, butt booty naked in beyond the spiderverse i'm rupturing the USA's underwater internet cables

...Welcome to my sandbox on this tiny corner of the web...

Like many other people i became exhausted by the internet and decided to start phasing social media out of my life for a period of time (HALF OF THE BITCHES ON THE NET ARE LOONEY ).

So this is where i've decided to spend most of my time, just chattin and posting about my wide range of interests. We get a little freaky on here, a little personal. But who honestly cares, let's just vibe.

This site is still heavily under construction and i move at a snail pace, so come back periodically to check out what's new!

stay swag and don't be degenerates

Contact Phryne here ---> darcydh.nanno@proton.me